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What does it take to become an ICON agent?

Get insight and inspiration as Gene Frederick answer the question of the month, “What does it take to become an ICON agent?

Why You Should Be with eXp!

eXp Realty has grown rapidly to over 89,000 agents in 24 countries! If you’re at a traditional brokerage, you’re working for billionaires and building THEIR retirement! It’s time to build YOUR retirement and own the company! Be a disrupter and innovator now, not later, and build your secure future with stock awards, revenue share, leads, healthcare, training, technology and true collaboration.

Our Vision: One Million Agents in 100 Countries in 10 Years! Contact us now to learn more!! 248-790-4647.

CMA Essentials For Residential Realtors

CMA Essentials for Residential Realtors is presented by Deb Ronayne. This 40-minute review will help you prepare for that listing appointment with a full of understanding of what features are essential for comparison and what to avoid. We also discuss some challenges you may encounter along the way when your subject property is unique and doesn’t have any true comparables for the evaluation. Presented by the Ronayne Team for our Journey to ICON agent partners!

Systems for Realtors

This is the second of our video series on Systems. In this introduction, you’ll learn the difference between a system and a process (or procedure), and review the minimum number of procedures and systems all Realtors should have in place to track goals and results, and run an efficient real estate business at a high level.

We hope you enjoy our training and mentoring through our Journey to ICON series.

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer our agents at eXp Realty, give us a call at 248-790-4647.

Tax Planning for Realtors

This video kicks off our series of training sessions on Systems, with Franca Tiano and Deb Ronayne discussing income and expense tracking for Realtors, as well as managing timely reporting and tax payments.

We hope you enjoy our training and mentoring through our Journey to ICON series.

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer our agents at eXp Realty, give us a call at 248-790-4647.

Many thanks to Franca from Boloven & Tiano, CPAs specializing in Real Estate and development clients.

They can be reached at ‭(734) 453-9985‬

or visit their website at

Goal Setting with Gene Frederick

In this 10–minute video, Lou talks to Gene about his very early career as a new agent 35 years ago. Many of you know Gene as a great leader, but he started as an agent and grew his business quickly by setting goals and putting them in writing. Experts say you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and that’s what Lou and Gene discuss:

Write your goals, review them often and track your results!

Never mind the leaf blower and the giant Texas cicadas...

This is good stuff for your career!!!!

Grow Your Business with kvCORE!!

Welcome to our intro and and training session on kvCORE with Maria Villalobos, our Onboarding Concierge specialist!! Maria generated 200 leads last month on kvCORE, and 20% of those leads either connected with her lender to get pre-approved or actually started viewing homes. Give yourself the gift of leads this holiday season and kick your business into overdrive in 2024 with kvCORE! We encourage you to enroll in the Agent Success Plan (on your kvCORE dashboard).

It’s free!!

Journey to ICON Launch

We’re thrilled to launch our new Journey to ICON program in January!! This program is for agents in our eXp Revenue Share Group and is offered FREE of charge! Our focus is to develop you and your business so you can earn the ICON stock award of $16,000, start financially planning your retirement and earn passive income (Revenue Share). We’ll also help you with your agent attraction. How encouraging it is to demonstrate how much you care by having tools in place to get those agents you attract performing at a high level by participating in this course. Each month we’ll focus on a basic principle that we believe is fundamental to doing real estate at a high level.

This is work…with accountability! We will meet once per week in eXp World and assignments will be posted on our private Journey to ICON Workplace Group Page.

To your success in 2024!

Our Virtual World!

Welcome to our cloud office! Hard to imagine?

We initially thought so, too.

But our broker, accounting and marketing departments,

and auditoriums with live University classes, are as close as our fingertips, no matter where we are in the world.

Come take a look!!

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