Quick Guide to Education at eXp

Lots of options here, including:

• Take ACTION - The Path to Production Now!” ACTION will provide you with the tools and

knowledge you need to build the foundation of your real estate business, set your business

goals and implement the daily activities necessary to establish a funnel of production.

• Add Live Classes to your schedule.

• Complete ON-DEMAND training. Selecting this option will take you the the Trakstar learning

system. Be sure to click the box to “Login with eXp Passport” and use your Passport


eXp World | The Hub

Login to the World. GO To eXpert Care Desk. When you arrive in the lobby, go down the

corridor on your left to The Hub, A Live Explore Guide. Help yourself to links for eXp University

training, Featured Series, Mindflash, Mentor & Icon programs, Onboarding, State Onboarding

Guides, Marketing, Healthcare, Shareholders, Agent Attraction and more!

eXp World | State Broker Room

Here you’ll find recorded “state-specific” classes.


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